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What is re-opening? The UK hospitality scene at a glance.

Since lockdown, we have been faced with the difficult decision on whether we drink or dine out or continue to feel safe in our homes for the time being. The governments new initiative ‘Eat out to help out’ scheme has been put in place to try and get us back out and using our pubs, bars and restaurants, and get the sector moving again. But has it worked? Below are some key facts from recent CGA data.

  • 68% of outlets across the UK have now reopened, 70% in England

  • The North East has the highest recovery rate at 73%

  • Wales (58%) & Scotland (60%), have the lowest rate of recovering outlets, despite having the highest increase in consumers using these outlets

  • Pubs are the highest recovering style of venue, with Social clubs being the worst effected most likely due to restrictions on gym and leisure facility use

  • The Eat out to help out scheme has been hugely effective with 27% of adults having used the scheme already, with an additional 32% intending to use it this week

  • 39% of visitors who have used the scheme were visiting outlets for the first time since lockdown restrictions were lifted

So as we can see, some really positive figures in general showing that the UK is making an effort to support the hospitality industry, take advantage of the government initiative and try and get back to normal.

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