Christmas and Champagne with Riedel - The Wine Glass Company

The choir delivers its last performance of the year, John Rutter and George Frederick Handel battle for supremacy in the humming and whistling stakes which continues in the pub. The drinks are flowing, camaraderie, Christmas goodwill and laughter echo around open fire. Then we awake! Is this the ghost of Christmas past?

2020 will be a socially distanced affair, the bustling, the carol concerts, the shopping, meeting old friends, family gatherings, office parties et al are side-lined, instead we are to have the cosiest festivities in our lifetime. Just those from our own bubble, in our own household. What are we to do?

Our saviour will be Zoom, James Martin or Nigella and to make sure we have a truly fantastic time we are going to have a ‘Christmas Upgrade’. We’ll be having a super high quality gastronomic festival, that is a mouthful! Locally sourced, top quality food and beverage, thereby looking after those who have looked out for us throughout the year. In particular our local wine merchant who has been delivering to our door every week since the first lockdown, back in March.

Ah! At last, I hear you think!

This is what I’m looking forward to... For the first glass of Champagne, I choose my own, all time favourite glass. ..