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The Drinks Trust Drinks Industry Survey

Over the last few months, The Drinks Trust has been able to award a significant number of financial grants to people within the industry who have been struggling with challenges at this time. In addition, an increased selection of wellness services have been made available to support people. The Trust will continue to provide these services. However, the emerging and likely long-term effects that the current situation will have on the community has led us to launching our first Drinks Industry Survey.

It has been created to establish how members of the hospitality and drinks industries are feeling, what their concerns are and to better understand what their thoughts are on diversity and inclusion in our industry. The result will help to evolve the services and support supplied by The Drinks Trust as well as businesses in the drinks and hospitality sectors.

If you work in the drinks and/or hospitality industry, from the point of production, to the point of sale and anywhere in between, we’d like to hear from you. So brewers, distillers, brand agencies, logistics, media, events, bar staff and managers, shop staff, or any other role where your income is paid as a result of being involved with adult alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

The survey includes four sections covering you, your work life, diversity and your wellbeing and should take approximately 12 minutes to complete. By understanding the diverse nature of our industry, and what more needs to be done to evolve it, we are able to better support you, your friends and colleagues.

The survey has been created by We Are Wellbeing in association with Best Bar None, NDML, NTIA, SIBA and WSTA.

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