The 2020 Champagne Harvest with Hervé Dantan

During one of the most eagerly anticipated and debated Champagne harvests, who better to speak to than Chef de Cave of Champagne Lanson, Hervé Dantan.


“We are celebrating 260 years of Champagne Lanson – I have been here 7 years, so it is nothing really. But I arrived at the right moment as the House was doing many new investments; a new winery, oak casks for the ageing of reserve wine and a new way to follow our growers in the vineyards”

The winery at Champagne Lanson in the centre of Reims now has a capacity of over 100,000 hectolitres and features more than 400 tanks of stainless steel, concrete and wood.

Hervé features in the latest Lanson campaign ‘Crafted with Care’

“I love this campaign. I think it is really the identity of Lanson. To take care of the people of Lanson, to care about the growers, our clients. I think it is really a strong idea of the Lanson identity.

“I think it is a new way of talking about the House; I feel we talk more about humanity. There is a real kindness in Lanson. It is not just a marketing point of view; I have been here for seven years and it is really what you feel when you arrive in the House. Even with the growers and many of our clients. It’s a strong value that is at the heart of all we do at Lanson”

The campaign was created before the COVID-19 crisis, but the attachment to humanity and compassion is so relevant for today.

The earliest Harvest on record

Coming through the last six months has been challenging everywhere. For Lanson it meant a complete closure for 15 days during the French lockdown, which began on March 17th. Shipments began immediately afterwards, but disgorging, labelling and bottling did not re-start until the middle of May.

“In the vineyards work continued, because we had a very early season. As