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The Champagne Academy is proud to have over 600 members and we love that you love to tell people all about your fantastic life time memories to Champagne and all the events you have attended afterwards.

The Academy needs you as ambassadors to keep telling the world about The Champagne Academy and what we do. Champagne education is a vital part to what we do and we want people 'popping corks' at the thought of what we do!

We want to hear about everything you're up to and how you have used your new found champagne knowledge to spread the word about champagne!

Here's 5 things you can do to help the Champagne Academy!

Sign up to our Newsletter!

Encourage all your friends, family and colleagues to sign up to our newsletter so we can keep everyone up-to-date on what the Academy is doing

Click the Link below

Send us your ideas and experiences!

We love to hear about what our members experience with Champagne. Have you discovered something new that you love?

Have you been doing a Champagne tasting?

Have you got a new idea for our websites or a new article for the newsletter?

Email us all your exciting news and experiences to

Shout about us on Social Media!

Social media is such a powerful platform and we have a fantastic loyal following. Its our main way of communicating with all of our members and fans and we want to keep growing!

Don't forget to tag us in your posts, like our posts and most importantly please invite all your friends and colleagues to follow our pages!

Instagram @Champagneacad

Support our raffles!

We are delighted to have partnered up with the Drinks Trust to raise funds and awareness of what they offer to the people of the drinks and hospitality industry!

All throughout this year we are running Raffles for the chance to win MAGNUMS of champagne!

Spread the word!Turn £10 into a MAGNUM and help us raise money for the Drinks Trust!

Keep an eye out for our events!

Our annual dinners and tastings are great fun and important to show our new members what we are all about! They are also great opportunities for us to raise money for the Academy and also for the Drinks trust!

Keep an eye out on our facebook page and our website for the 2021 events and we might have a couple of extra tastings that may pop up this year!

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