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In light of the latest government guidance on the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to prospone 2020 events.

Firstly, we hope that everyone is safe and well during these extremely trying times.

In light of the latest government guidance on the coronavirus pandemic, we have been advised by the Institute of Directors that our planned dinner for the 13th May, will not now be able to go ahead.  The event has been postponed until 11th May 2021 at the same location.

We feel that doing a reduced event calendar this year would not give Taittinger the full exposure for their Presidential year and it would be unfair to run up costs or put pressure on any of the Houses when the economy is in such turmoil. 

this week

In the last few days, we have been in regular discussion with this year’s President, Clovis Taittinger in France and Kevin McKee here in the UK and the decision has been made to suspend not only the weeks Academy course but all activity, including Midlands, Northern & Scotland Dinners, apart perhaps from the Alternative Cuvee tasting in October/November and then restart the Presidential year again in February 2021.  This decision has been made in consultation with all 16 houses in France who Clovis has contacted for their input.

We as a committee have a lot of things that we will be doing this year to strengthen the Academy for future years and therefore we can do a lot of work in the background to make 2021 even more successful.  We will keep you regularly updated via the web site and Facebook, so please log in frequently as we plan all sorts of interesting initiatives to keep you all fully involved.  We will also be launching a new initiative of a Newsletter which will keep all Academicians up to date with developments within the Academy, Houses and also retell some of the amazing experiences of past Academicians.  Further information on the plans of the Committee will be communicated over the next few weeks. Taittinger will continue to be the Presidential House for this year but will also be the Presidential House next year.  Likewise, the elected officers of the Committee will continue their roles until February 2022.  All 16 successful candidates for 2020 will automatically be eligible for attending the course in 2021 providing, of course, it is still appropriate. In discussions with Clovis, he has made it abundantly clear that they and the other champagne houses do not wish to lower their support towards the Champagne Academy and are fully behind us in all that we do.  They have been hugely supportive of the initiatives we have been working on and we would like to thank them again for their support during this time.

Stay safe with my warmest wishes Andrew Fullerton Chairman of Champagne Academy

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