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Drinks Trust Press Release

May 2020

The Champagne Academy & The Drinks Trust Collaboration for COVID-19 Emergency Financial Fund

As part of their three year commitment to The Drinks Trust, The Champagne Academy has launched a range of fundraising initiatives to support the charity’s work especially in these turbulent times.

The Drinks Trust - has been working hard to ensure that vital support is given to the people of our industry, and that the most vulnerable are able to access the services they require from their industry charitable organisation. Since the beginning of March, demand for their services has increased significantly and many individuals are in desperate need and several thousand have applied to their hardship Fund which is being administered now.

We are grateful to the Champagne Academy for showing such incredible commitment to The Drinks Trust over the next 3 years and look forward to working with them. This current initiative is exceptionally innovative and given the fantastic prizes kindly donated by all the Houses, I am sure many people within the drinks industry will be keen to participate

Ross – The Drinks Trust

We are eager to play our part in fundraising for this incredibly worthy cause and helping support our industry in these uncertain times. – Andrew Fullerton – Chairman of the Champagne Academy

The Champagne Academy, in partnership with their 16 Grand Marque Houses, will support a series of Auctions and raffles over the coming months to raise funds. All money raised will enable to support the work of The Drinks Trust including over 350 vulnerable existing beneficiaries, a significant proportion of whom are retired drinks industry staff and amongst the most at-risk groups with regards to COVID 19. It will also help provide more well-being services as the increase in demand for the helpline and talking therapies grow.

The Champagne Academy was established in 1956 to recognise the UK and Ireland as key markets and to foster the appreciation of Grande Marques Champagnes through the education of younger members of the wine trades of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Places on their annual course for selected invited members of the wine trade are highly sought-after.

In addition, they hold a series of educational tastings and events throughout the UK and Ireland. The fundraising initiatives will take place over the coming months in lieu of The Champagne Academy’s regular programme of events.

The Drinks Trust fundraising success enables greater support to drinks industry

Following a request for support through the “Your Round, Help Your Trade” campaign, The Drinks Trust has raised just over £1 million to support individuals of the drinks industry, many of whom have been affected by COVID-19. This amount has been made up of over £650,000 in generous donations and fundraising initiatives and a further £350,000 from Business Partners either renewing or renewing at a higher level. Numerous fundraising initiatives are ongoing.

Since the beginning of March, demand for our services has increased significantly and many individuals have found themselves in desperate need. Since then The Drinks Trust has set out to continue supporting over 350 ongoing beneficiaries, many of whom are amongst the most at-risk groups with regards to COVID-19, as well as increasing capacity and access to wellbeing support to anyone suffering with anxiety and depression concerns. .

In addition, The Drinks Trust has completed the COVID-19 Emergency Grant, enabling us to provide 1750 beneficiaries with a one-off financial grant of £250 to those who face loss of earnings as a result of CV19.

The Drinks Trust is funded by industry donor businesses through events and fundraising efforts of its community. None of this would have been possible without the generosity and support from all areas of the drinks industry.


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