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Booking Tickets for Champagne Academy Events - How to guide

Updated: Mar 21

We have upgraded our booking system to give us greater control of our events. To book discounted & special rate tickets you will now need to login into our booking system using the email address that this message was sent to.

New Booking System

To set up access to your account please click here to create your password.

You must use you registered email address with the Champagne Academy for you to have access to the discounts and tickets you have been registered for.

Once Registered

For all future bookings, please head to our Events page as normal, and login in using the login button at the top right ( highlighted below in yellow)

From here you will be able to book tickets to any events that have been received and automatically receive any discounts you are registered for.

For any issues for further information please email the Champagne Academy on

Your Event Organisers for 2023

64th London Dinner Paul Walker

Alternative Tasting Nick Bromhead

Scotland Dinner Craig Bonner

Northern Dinner David Garlick

Midland Dinner Sonal Clare

Irish Dinner Mal Deveney

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