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And the Winner is....

With this years course just finished, we have a new batch of Candidates that are now Academicians.

With a great course and experience had by all, we will be posting some blogs from the new Academicians soon, as well as our Chairman, Andrew Fullerton, who joined the course for the entire week.

The presentation was held at a phenomenal luncheon at Three Michelin Star L’Assiette Champenoise, following the final written exam & blind tasting.

But we'd like to announce & welcome the candidates who completed the course, and this years Silver Bucket Winner.

New Academicians (Left to Right)

Nick Zalinski

Sarah Everden

Daniele Chelo

Karen O’Donoghue

Michel Paszto

Richard Masterson

Klearhos Kanellakis

Andrew Fullerton - 2020-2022 Chairman

William Tilling

Sebastien Morice

Phil Innes

Fergus Watson

Jack Lucas

Sonal Clare

Giovanni Ferlito

Sophie Lord

Caroline Palma de Azevedo

This years Winner - Congratulations to Caroline Palma de Azevedo, who currently works for Davy's Wine Merchants of London.

à votre santé


Paul Walker


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