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2024 Dinner Wines Announced..

Updated: May 14

We are delighted to announce this years wines that will be served at the four annual dinners.

 Charles Heidseick is this years Presidential House, with Bollinger as the Outgoing House and Veuve Clicquot as the Incoming House.

Charles Heidsieck Millésime 2012 ‘Concours of Elegance Edition’ en magnum


The year 2012 made news. Not often does so chaotic and challenging a vintage provide wines with such incredible balance,

concentration and harmony. Today the 2012 vintage has found its place amongst the great Champagne years.

Notes by Cyril Brun,

Cellar Master for Charles Heidsieck


Harmony reigns despite trying weather conditions

Some people will not hesitate to compare this vintage to spectacular years like 1990 or 1996, and yet the success of the resulting wines might be considered something of a miracle given the challenges of the year.

Nature had us fearing the worst in 2012 when it unleashed a range of climate catastrophes on the vineyards.

The spring brought violent attacks of mildew, torrential rains, hailstorms, cold snaps during flowering, followed by heat and water stress that drove yield down by 30%. But a beautiful, sunny summer enabled slow maturing and good concentration in the grapes, resulting in a late harvest. The grapes proved to be of excellent quality: rich in sugar and with good acidity.


2012 was an obvious choice for a Charles Heidsieck to declare as a vintage. After the phenomenal 2008 vintage, which required ageing to show its full potential, 2012 provides

a beautiful contrast as a very classic and elegant vintage. Comprising ten meticulously selected Grands Crus and Premiers Crus, this cuvée is enticing for its pleasant smoothness,

aromatic intensity and the saline freshness that is so typical of the House. Its elegance and depth make it ideal for enjoying and pairing with the most sophisticated dishes.

Perfectly suited for further ageing.


The 2012 vintage is a beautiful pale golden yellow; with fine bubbles that are both delicate and dynamic.


Initially, the nose shows subtle toasted and smoked notes with a touch of liquorice and earthy tones. When swirled in the glass, fruity notes of apricot, blackthorn, quince, blueberry and fresh almonds add an extra dimension to the wine. this incredible aromatic concentration, very typical of the year, is the focus of the wine’s merit.


Mineral and taut with excellent freshness, with notes of quince, vanilla and vineyard

peaches on the mid-palate, followed by a firm, crisp finish.

An excellent pairing with smoked dishes such as smoked eel, smoked Scamorza, and roast chicken with chicory sauce.

A lovely vintage which will continue to develop great complexity and generosity over time.

BLEND 60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay

COMPOSITION 10 Grands and Premiers Crus:

Oger, Vertus, Chouilly, Cuis, Verzy, Aÿ, Ludes, Ambonnay, Tauxières,

AGEING Minimum 6 years on the lees


TO BE ENJOYED Within 10 years

Charles Heidsieck Rose Reserve Champagne NV

A sophisticated powdery pink rosé, with luminous glints of wild rose. Delicate, vivacious bubbles are the result of an ageing period of over 36 months.

A base of 20% of reserve wines, white and red, give this rosé blend a subtle, yet complex nose

The initial fragrances from the 5-6% of elegant red wines are redolent of home-made strawberry jam mixed with the fruitiness of blood peach. A meticulous selection of crus give the Charles Heidsieck Rosé Réserve the rich warm notes of gingerbread and cinnamon.

The deep powerful mouth-feel, the result of ageing in thousand-year old cellars, offers a burst of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry nestled in velvety whipped cream.


A deliciously fresh wine which perfectly expresses the complexity of the Charles Heidsieck spirit. Coral-like in appearance, with subtle orange reflections reminiscent of antique roses


Freshly picked strawberry aromas gradually become more intense, with homemade strawberry jam and blood peach alongside rich, warm notes of gingerbread and cinnamon


A vivacious palate full of red fruit, with some generous floral notes. Following a silky-rich texture, the finish is long and balanced.

BLEND 36% Pinot Noir, 36% Chardonnay, 28% Pinot Meunier

COMPOSITION A selection of 60+ crus (less than 20 % of the champagne crus) up to 150 base wines

AGEING A slow and long maturation of 3 to 4 years

DOSAGE 11.2g/l

La Grande Annee 2015

La Grande Année from an exceptional year, showcased through Bollinger savoir-faire. Connoisseurs will recognise the texture of this wine, yet they might be surprised to discover what makes 2015 so special.

Both La Grande Année and La Grande Année Rosé exhibit sensory and emotional qualities that echo the theme of the forest and the woodland realm, a realm which imparted structure and precision to both cuvées during the time they spent maturing in oak casks. Our savoir-faire fosters flavor development and provides ideal conditions for maturation.


Yellow gold reflections, evidence of the wine's maturity, but also of Bollinger's vinification methods.


On the nose, initial scents are full of small stone fruits, with notes of Pomme Gris, plum and Mirabelle plum, layered with a touch of honey. Aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant, cherry, and raspberry follow; a medley of red fruits dances with notes of almond. Exotic touches of mango follow, dissolving into tertiary scents of vanilla and a delicate woody aroma.


On the palate the wine is plump, generous and enticing, reminiscent of Mirabelle plum jam. Texture and richness define the tasting experience. The finish blends notes of chocolate and citrus fruits, bringing a touch of acidity, lengthened further by hints of schist. A hugely generous wine!


Pan fried foie gras with caramelised apple.

Magret de Canard with raspberry and cranberry sauce.

Crème chocolate, raspberry and anise.

VC Extra Brut Extra Old 4

Veuve Clicquot presents the fourth edition of its Extra Brut Extra Old.

Expressing the ultimate creativity of our Cellar Master, Extra Brut Extra Old is a unique collection crafted exclusively from our reserve wine collection, one of the largest recorded in Champagne.

The 4th edition of Extra Brut Extra Old is a unique blend of six of Veuve Clicquot’s most prestigious reserve wines: 1996, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Just like the creation of a perfume, the essence of such mature or, as called, “spices” reserve wines will bring concentration and depth to the blend.

The wines are aged in bottle in Maison’s crayères for a minimum of three years before disgorgement, giving it texture and aromatic complexity. This blend requires a low dosage of 3 grams of sugar per litre.

The Precision, energy and balance of Veuve Clicquot Extra Brut Extra Old 4 will be best appreciated with balanced and fresh cuisine, from raw vegetables to tartares and seafood.


Light with bronze


Tilia, honeysuckle, green tea, citrus fruits (grapefruit, lemon)


Ginger, bread dough, saline, mineral


Purity and freshness (raw vegetables, refined cuisine, tartars, ceviche)

Salinity and energy (umami, citrus peel, products from the sea)

Finesse and precision (silky texture, delicate pairings)

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