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Marcus Little

Marcus Little

Past Chairman 2018


I started as a Trainee Manager with the Savoy Hotel back in the early 1980’s. I spent three enjoyable years there before joining Harrods as a Christmas Temp in the wine department and was made full time, which led to 5 years of service in the corner grocery of Knightsbridge. After this I was given 7 months absence,(remove comma) so that I could work as a stagier in France and become the only person to live and work there who was allowed to use the Harrods name. It was during my time at Harrods that I was accepted into the Champagne Academy in 1987.

After working in France I joined Grants of St. James in York, just before the first takeover and spent ten glorious years selling to the on-trade, covering the North-East and Tyneside. I ended up based at the HQ in Bristol with Matthew Clark. Later on, I worked for a few specialist wine companies, which would focus on a particular country or region.

For the last two years, I have been working for the largest independent winery in Italy, which is based in Piedmont, covering all trade channels of the wine business.

My interests are Champagne, walking the dog, anyone’s dog, Champagne, sailing, combining both is even better, reading and Champagne.


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