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Philip Amps

I have been a lifelong fan of Champagne and made it my personal crusade to be selected for the course by writing to all the Houses each year, sending my CV and pleading my case as to why I should get selected to go the course. After 3 years of repeat letter writing, I was called onto the course in 1997 with 6 days’ notice as someone dropped out from the original selection. Those days in Champagne on the course remain one of the highlights of my career in the wine industry and I passed the exam with distinction. I would encourage anybody who works in the wine industry who has a passion for Champagne to approach the Academy and get on the course.

I am very lucky that my hobby is also my business and when I am not drinking wine, I will be engaging in my other favourite topic - sport. I can get very passionate about both subjects and I am very lucky that I can drink one whilst watching the other. Or do the other one when I have had too much of the other!

The Champagne Academy has become a very influential tool for my business, being able to invite existing and potential customers to the unique events that the Academy puts on. It is also a wonderful platform for networking with other people from the industry and other Champagne Houses.

I spent my year as Chairman in 2016 moving the Academy forward and instilling my passion for the Academy to others.

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