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Paul Beavis

Being the chairman during the anniversary was a huge honour, knowing that one of my once aspirational dreams was to run a major champagne house of prestige and credibility coming true. Taking a leadership position within the Champagne Academy for a year truly elevated the day to day element of the role.

There was nothing more rewarding than giving back to an industry that gives out so much to anyone who is prepared to embrace it and work within it. I truly believe I have been blessed with the opportunity given and have the most fondest memories of the Champagne Academy and the exceptional people I have met along the way.

The academy is a true legacy foundation and one that will outlive me and others who have been loyal and dedicated contributors to the champagne industry and notably the Champagne Academy. Even today as I find myself in a new role, in a new world the foundations and time honoured traditions of building a consistent legacy for a region and industry remain unchanged. These are wonderful lessons I have learned with Champagne & I hope to be able to share the new future with the Academy again one day.

Chairman Year


Academy Year


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