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David Garlick

I first became interested in wine whilst picking grapes as a student in my late teens.
Post University my career moved to Finance and my love for wine continues as an enthusiastic consumer.
In 1982 I moved back from Abroad to the UK and formed Whynot Wine Warehouse Group in the North of England .It was whilst running Whynot Wine that I was invited to attend the Champagne Academy in 1985 -the Start of a love affair with the Great Wines of Champagne and in particular the sixteen Houses that made up the Champagne Academy.
When you have been shown how to make up an assemblage of Champagne to make Krug’s Non Vintage by none other than Henri Krug there is no looking back!
In the late 80’s I sold my Wine Warehouse Group and joined D and D Wines which my wife and I then bought out in 1989. This venture grew to become one of the UK’s largest Wine Importers until we sold the Business in 2012.
My love for Champagne and friendships made with many of the Champenois has been a major love of my life since 1986 when I started running the Northern Champagne Academy Dinner.
I became Chairman of the Academy in 2000 when I had the privilege of organising an amazing Millenial Dinner at the Savoy for over 500 Academicians and Guests attended by all 16 CEO’S Of the Academy .
Three of the Academicians from the Course of 2000 ae still a big part of the Academy Committee today -a true Testament of what is undoubtedly the best Professional Education Trip in the World ,and like me, Academicians become the best Ambassadors of Grand Marque Champagne for Life.
Now retired from the Wine Trade I still maintain my strong links with the Champagne Houses and of course the Champagne Academy

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