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The Drinks Trust and Champagne Academy over the passed few years

The Champagne Academy has been a generous donor to The Drinks Trust for many years, although more recently, and as a result of the charity’s work in skills and education, the Academy has become a leading partner and fundraiser.

Develop, the Drinks Trust’s skills and education service, was launched in 2022, and the Academy was amongst the first organisations to support the scheme, with a donation of £25,000 in the launch year. The Develop initiative has the ambition of providing skills, training, industry education and assistance with work placements, to individuals with low income, as well as those who are out of work. As a result, we work to both alleviate hardship, and address the skills shortage in our industry.

As the charity has evolved into the provision of industry educational training and grants, we have found that our ambitions and alignment with the Academy have grown increasingly complementary, with both organisations working to improve industry knowledge and growth.

Since Develop was launched in 2022, and in a little over 18 months, the initiative has over 1,100 beneficiaries, each benefitting from one of the many courses Develop provides. None of this would have been possible without the ongoing support of the Academy, its academicians and friends. The funds raised and donated to Develop have allowed the charity to launch what we believe is a ground breaking service for our industry, for which The Drinks Trust is very grateful indeed.

Thank you to you all for your generosity and support.

I hope one day in the near future, we will welcome the first academician who has been a graduate of the Develop service.

For more information on what the Drinks Trust does click here

Ross Carter

Chief Executive

The Drinks Trust

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