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Positive figures released by Comité Champagne

Despite covid and the likes of global government lockdowns, effecting tremendously the hospitality sector, also Brexit and complications with transportation of Champagne from the EU to the UK, the Comité Champagne nonetheless share with us figures to be proud of and certainly showing that recovery is strong.

Sustainability was a focus too, with research on new production methods and meeting / exceeding requirements. Extra budget spends will be taking place within Comité Champagne not only going to research, but to protect the name of Champagne to include bolstering a legal team on copyright protection. A new Research Development & Research Centre sounds very exciting which will be constructed so to ‘ensure the excellence of wines‘.

Globally Champagne is still strongly recognised including its country of origin (86% of the population asked know the country of origin of Champagne), though there is work to be done with some countries requiring further education to include Australia whereas the Italy (86%), UK (76%) , Germany (71%) and Japan (67%) hold a decent figure of consumers knowing the origination of Champagne.

The all import sales figures was one of the best of recent years, second biggest ever, with 325.5 million bottles supplied with more than £5.2 billion in value (an all time record).

Future plans include education of the industry to the origins of Champagne, but all versatility. A wine for celebrations and other lifestyle moments, for fine food pairings. An increase in Champagne sold by the glass was recorded telling us that the popularity of the drink continues to grow. 28,061,766 bottles were exported to the UK in 2022.

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