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Andrew Fullerton

Andrew Fullerton

Past Chairman 2020-2022


I am the Managing Director of three RTM led wine businesses, who specialise in business development, brand creation, supply and strategy. I am the founder of Urban Vines Ltd, and previously held several positions within Irish Drinks companies.

Having previously gained marketing experience with companies such as Guinness, Red Bull and C&C Group, I then fell into the world of wine and have never looked back. Having grown up in a commercial horticultural family home, the links to the world of wine are deeply ingrained.

Now working with major importers throughout Europe and the USA, supplying wines and developing custom made wines, my journey continues.

Having been told of the Academy in 2007 it was not until 2012 that I completed the course and found the experience one of the best I have ever encountered. Having travelled the world to visit wineries and events for the last 20 years, the Academy Course stood out as an experience that could never be replicated. The ongoing network provided by the Academy is like nothing else in the industry.

I then joined the committee in 2015 and aim to continue to develop the relevance of the Academy to the Houses, Shippers and trade during my year in office. The Academy is a very special organization that links members from the last 63 years with those who are only now discovering the true honour of becoming accepted into its membership.


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What is your most memorable Champagne moment?

Drinking Charles Heidsieck Champagne Charlie 1982 from jeroboam!

How did you start your career in Wine & Champagne?

By accident! Starting working for Guiness whilst a student and fell in love with the trade as any Irishman would!

What is your current role in the industry?

Managing Director of Urban Vines Ltd and a Director in several other Wine and Spirits consultancy companies.

3 Interests Outside of The Champagne World

Travel, spending time with my two children and reading.

What is your favourite quote?

The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on!

Why Champagne?

The pinnacle of wine! Why not??

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