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Virtual Annual General Meeting

Message From Our Chairman


Welcome to our AGM for 2021/22 where once again I must firstly thank every single Academician, Shipper and House for their support of the Academy.  Having had initially confirmed the Course last June we were then forced to postpone it once again due to increased restrictions which would have meant we would have to had a Course very different than before.  For those of you who have attended the Course you will agree that robbing a candidate of the full experience would have been unforgivable.....

Financial Update

2021 was again a year impacted by the Pandemic and the Committee’s wise decisions taken early in the year to restrict the number of events and manage costs has resulted in a healthy set of accounts.

We have had some fabulous support from the Houses as well to ensure the financial security of the Academy.

Congratulations to all the events' organisers who put on great events in difficult circumstances and managed to ensure all costs were covered and a small profit made on each event.

The Academy raffles raised a very healthy £6664.98 for the Drinks Trust, so that means we have £22,665.89 held for the Drinks Trust. This is made up from £11,052.91 raised in 2020, topped up very generously by £4948.00 by the Houses to bring the figure to £16,000.91 in 2020.

You will note from the accounts that as events recommenced, we started paying the Administrator's fee again. The Chairman has again not taken any costs. Storage costs at BBR were also reduced by a committee member providing free storage for 2021 events Champagne and distributing at cost. We did still have to pay BBR for the stock sitting in their cellars from the cancelled events in 2020.

As we emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic and progress to a normal year we will continue to manage our costs very carefully to ensure the financial security of the Champagne Academy going forward.

Philip Amps

Confirmation of Current Officers

The Committee positions were ratified in the Committee Meetings, if you'd like more details on Proposals & seconders, let us know in the question form below. 


Nick Bromhead

Vice-Chairman / Scotland Dinner Organiser

Craig Bonner


Charlotte Gordon


Val Simpson

Treasurer/Past Chairman 2016

Philip Amps

Annual Gazette 2021

With Annual updates & Reviews from our President, Chairman & all the houses, including key contact details.


If you have any questions, fill in the form below, and we will answer them directly & publish the answers here.

AGM Questions

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