Annual General Meeting


Message From Our Chairman


Welcome to our AGM for 2021. Before we start, I need to explain that this could look like an Oscars Speech as there are a huge amount of people that I need to thank! I considered recording a video but as those of you who know me understand I am not a big fan of seeing myself on tape and we couldn’t organise subtitles at short notice! We have had a very strange year indeed and instead of speaking about all our fantastic events and the magnificent course I will instead have to bore you with the administrative tasks we have all worked on this year..........

Financial Update

Confirmation of 2021 Officers

The Committee positions were ratified in the February 2021 Committee Meeting, if you'd like more details on Proposals & seconders, let us know in the question form below. 


Andrew Fullerton


Paul Walker


Nick Bromhead


Val Simpson

Treasurer/Past Chairman 2016

Philip Amps

Annual GAzette 2020

With Annual updates & Reviews from our President, Chairman & all the houses.

Charity Update


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